Teeth cleaning

You might be wondering why every time you visit your dentist will suggest you undergo teeth cleaning even when you have brushed your teeth twice a day and have perfect teeth.

Sometimes it is not possible to get your teeth completely clean due to the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of our teeth with a brush. Your dentist can help you clean those and help you stay cavity-free. Therefore it is recommended to get professional teeth cleaning twice yearly.

Teeth Cleanings Remove Plaque, Bacteria, and Tartar:

  • 1. Bacteria builds up on teeth around the clock.
  • 2. Brushing teeth regularly, such as after meals and as part of twice-daily oral hygiene, helps remove this bacterium.
  • 3. Plaque is the technical term for a sticky film on teeth in which bacteria thrive, causing tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease.
  • 4. The plaque left on teeth hardens into a calcified deposit called calculus or tartar.

Teeth cleaning is done by a scaler and mirror to scrape tartar away from teeth. This process improves your teeth' health.

Other Teeth Cleaning Steps include polishing that follows the scaling process.

If you understand that the grinding noise is simply cleaning and not hurting your teeth, you can relax and enjoy the process.

Flossing between teeth is the next step after cleaning and polishing. During this process, gums bleeding when touched by the floss is considered to be problematic. Dentists advise taking better care of those areas. After flossing, you rinse your mouth and receive fluoride treatment, if necessary.

You deserve your healthiest teeth and gums, as well as to have a smile you feel proud to show off. You will love how we care for your teeth, so schedule your next visit and teeth cleaning at the Tooth & Gum Dental Clinic, Agra.