Service above Self

We at Tooth and Gum Clinic live by principal 'Service above Self'

Dr. Jyoti C Bhasin, supports various charities, especially those that look after the interest of children’s rights. She has partaken in dental treatment camps held in rural backdrops that has taught her how to deal with arduous and demanding medical cases involving minimum facilities.

With her strong belief of giving something back to the society, Dr. Jyoti commenced giving lectures on “Oral Health” and also conducted Free Dental health checkup camps to multiple schools and pre-schools located in her neighborhood.

As a part of her civic duty and responsibility as a citizen, Dr.Jyoti collaborated with the entity known as Lions Club in order to conduct a Free Dental Checkup Camp in a school that was situated in a slum close to her clinic. Owing to the parents’ incapacity to pay for the services, Dr. Jyotiorganized free dental procedures for two children per day. The procedures included root canal and cavity fillings.

On a daily basis, Dr. Jyoti does not entreat any costs pertaining to the underprivileged sections of the society. The clinic also dispenses medicine samples to the downtrodden areas of the city.


In continuation of human endeavor by Dr. Jyoti C Bhasin, a free dental checkup and awareness camp was recently organized at Gayatri public school Agra for over 5000 students. The camp was initiated with dental awareness talk, educating students about common dental ailments, especially stressing on tooth decay and gum diseases and measures to prevent from them. The students were highlighted about the eating patterns and food choices which cause tooth decay. The students got ample opportunities to interact with Dr. Jyoti C Bhasin to enquire and gain knowledge concerning oral diseases.


Dr. Jyoti C bhasin has been associated with Saran Ashram Hospital, at Dayalbagh, Agra as a full time Consultant for the last 8 years. She has treated more than 10,000 patients in these years.

It is a fully equipped hospital with Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Medicines being prescribed to patients. The hospital has 35 Doctors specializing in various fields supported with Visiting Consultants from across North India. All consultations, examinations and treatments are free at the hospital.

Weekly DEI – NSS Camp, AGRA

Dr. Jyoti C bhasin is a part of the social initiative which is in association with Dayalbagh Educational

Institute. A DEI-NSS Medical Camp is organized twice every month about 10 Km from Agra by the institute which caters to over 400 patients from nearby villages.

Community Dental Health Awareness Programs

Community Dental Health Awareness Program has been an integral part at The Tooth and Gum Clinic since the very beginning. Over the years we have been conducting various “Dental Check Up Camps” and “Dental Awareness Program” in Delhi, treating over 5,000 Pediatrics Patients and creating Dental Awareness across 20,000 Households.