Smile Makeover

A smile makeover involves multiple reconstructive and professional dental procedures that aim to restore and enhance various aspects of the patient's teeth and mouth. Smile makeovers are one of the most requested cosmetic solutions at the Tooth & Gum Dental Clinic.

With a smile makeover, it's possible to change, restore or alter multiple aspects of your smile, including the appearance and functionality of teeth.

To begin the smile makeover, the dentist will examine your teeth and recommend procedures that meet your wants and needs.

Since a smile makeover addresses multiple aspects of a patient's mouth, they may need to make multiple appointments.

We will outline the treatment plan during the consultation and guide the patient throughout the process. A smile makeover can help you enhance your smile while being mindful of your oral health.

If you want to enhance certain aspects of your smile, call us to schedule an appointment for more information on our smile makeovers.

What procedures are there in a typical smile makeover?

Various cosmetic dentistry procedures can be a part of a smile makeover depending on the present conditions and the desired results. Procedures such as teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, etc., can be a part of the smile makeover treatment plan.

Most people who visit us often misunderstand that the smile makeover treatment in Agra is expensive. But the cost of treatment entirely depends on what all procedures are required.

How long does it take for the treatment to complete?

The duration of smile makeover treatment will vary from case to case depending on how many and what procedures are in the treatment plan. The teeth whitening treatment requires one day, whereas braces treatment requires a minimum of 6 months.

If you want a problem-free smile, a smile makeover in Agra at the Tooth & Gum Dental Clinic can be an option for you. Consult our expert today!